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About the NBS Markets

An NBS Market is a unique trade show experience where the exhibiting vendors show their products and Members write orders while the Market is in session in order to receive the pricing approved in the submitted program. Exhibiting vendors offer special pricing programs that are only available to NBS Members, ensuring that vendors walk away from the Market with a high volume of purchase orders in hand. NBS partners with key vendors, so competition between vendors is less than in the open market.

Retailers who attend these Markets are a diverse group of independent retailers and are the local market specialists in their communities. From team athletic retailers to ski shops, shooting ranges to general or outdoor sporting goods stores, NBS Members represent a large cross-section of the sporting goods industry.

How to Become a Preferred Vendor

There is no cost to becoming an NBS preferred vendor, but vendors must contact the merchandiser for your specific category and complete a Prospective Vendor Form in order to become an NBS preferred vendor and attend our Markets. Once you have submitted a Prospective Vendor Form, your category manager will contact you. Your category manager works closely with the NBS Committees, staying abreast of the needs of the Membership, and coordinating those needs with the offerings from vendors. Once you have been approved as a vendor, you will receive a login, which will allow you access to vital information. To find out more information about exhibiting at the Markets, please contact your category manager.

Market Information

Vendors and Members can find the most up-to-date information about our current and upcoming Markets by visiting our Markets page. If you’re unsure about which Markets you should attend, review the categories for each Market, and contact your category manager for further information or to discuss secondary Market options.

Once you receive purchase orders from NBS Members, vendors bill and ship to each Member directly.

Featured Industry News

NBS Hosts Archery Business Development Meetings
Posted 12/20/2016: The Archery Committee concluded another successful round of Business Development Meetings in preparation for the upcoming 2017 Spring Semi-Annual Market. The Archery Committee has evolved over the past couple of years and we are very excited by the dynamic of individuals on this committee. See more >
NBS 2016 Hunting & Rugged Apparel Market Recap
The 2016 Hunting & Rugged Apparel Market was held from November 29 – 30 at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. This is the first time NBS has hosted a show at the ACC and it was well received by the Members and Vendors who attended the Market. See more >
A Sure-Fire Way To Boost Holiday Sales
Posted 12/2/2016: Experiential—or engagement or shopper—marketing is any activation that allows a consumer to engage with a brand or product. It encompasses interactive displays on a retail floor, lifestyle-based merchandising strategies and branded events. The focus is on creating an interaction, not a transaction—though the latter typically follows the former. See more >
7 Ways To Hunt Tough Elk
Posted 11/30/2016: There are plenty of platitudes meant to help you increase your chances of shooting an elk. Get in shape. Rise early. Avoid roads. Hike to the hinterlands. Find the black timber. Hunt hard. Don’t give up. See more >
U.S. Winter Outlook: Ice Fishing Forecast 2016-2017
Posted 11/18/2016: “This climate outlook provides the most likely outcome for the upcoming winter season, but it also provides the public with a good reminder that winter is just up ahead and it’s a good time to prepare for typical winter hazards, such as extreme cold and snowstorms,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. “Regardless of the outlook, there is always some chance for extreme winter weather, so prepare now for what might come later this winter.” See more >
The State of the Deer Rifle
Posted 11/18/2016: More than any other passion, the pursuit that defines the readers of Outdoor Life, and arguably most sportsmen in America, is deer hunting. Taking that one layer deeper, the piece of gear that is most central to deer hunting is the deer rifle. Yes, we chase whitetails and muleys with shotguns, muzzleloaders, and bows, but the deer rifle is the most enduring symbol of the sport. See more >
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