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About the NBS Markets

An NBS Market is a unique trade show experience where the exhibiting vendors show their products and Members write orders while the Market is in session in order to receive the pricing approved in the submitted program. Exhibiting vendors offer special pricing programs that are only available to NBS Members, ensuring that vendors walk away from the Market with a high volume of purchase orders in hand. NBS partners with key vendors, so competition between vendors is less than in the open market.

Retailers who attend these Markets are a diverse group of independent retailers and are the local market specialists in their communities. From team athletic retailers to ski shops, shooting ranges to general or outdoor sporting goods stores, NBS Members represent a large cross-section of the sporting goods industry.

How to Become a Preferred Vendor

There is no cost to becoming an NBS preferred vendor, but vendors must contact the merchandiser for your specific category and complete a Prospective Vendor Form in order to become an NBS preferred vendor and attend our Markets. Once you have submitted a Prospective Vendor Form, your category manager will contact you. Your category manager works closely with the NBS Committees, staying abreast of the needs of the Membership, and coordinating those needs with the offerings from vendors. Once you have been approved as a vendor, you will receive a login, which will allow you access to vital information. To find out more information about exhibiting at the Markets, please contact your category manager.

Market Information

Vendors and Members can find the most up-to-date information about our current and upcoming Markets by visiting our Markets page. If you’re unsure about which Markets you should attend, review the categories for each Market, and contact your category manager for further information or to discuss secondary Market options.

Once you receive purchase orders from NBS Members, vendors bill and ship to each Member directly.

Featured Industry News

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters Receives Ruger's Retailer of the Year Award
Posted 4/30/19: At last week's NRA show in Indianapolis, Fin Feather Fur Outfitters out of Ashland, Ohio, was presented with Ruger's Retailer of the Year Award! See more >
Welcome Scottsdale Gun Club to the NBS Family!
Posted 4/29/19: We are happy to welcome Scottsdale Gun Club from Scottsdale, Arizona, to the Nation's Best Sports Family! See more >
Project Childsafe Releases New Video Series Collection
Posted 4/23/19: Last week, NSSF and the Bureau of Justice Assistance released a new Project Childsafe video series called "Many Paths to Firearm Safety" to help new and potential gun owners understand their responsibilities if they decide to keep firearms in the home. See more >
NSSF Behind the Firing Line: Centennial Gun Club
Posted 4/18/19: Centennial Gun Club is an NSSF Five-Star range and retailer located 40 minutes south of downtown Denver just off of Interstate 25. The recently constructed building encompasses more than 35,000 square feet and includes a 5,000-square-foot retail store carrying an inventory of more than 1,200 firearms, plus an additional stock of 120 rentals. See more >
Bryan Davis Announces Retirement from the United States Air Force After 31 Years of Service
Posted 4/16/19: This month, Bryan Davis, NBS Executive VP of Distribution & Operations, retired from the United States Air Force after 31 years of service. We at NBS want to thank Bryan for all his years of service protecting our nation and our freedoms. Below is a note Bryan put together thanking those who have supported him during his 31 years of service. See more >
Welcome The Armories from Orlando to the NBS Family!
Posted 4/12/19: We are excited to welcome The Armories to the Nation's Best Sports Family! The Armories is a shooting sports specialty retailer with three store locations in the Orlando area. See more >
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