Vista Outdoor Announces Strategic Business Transformation Plan
Posted 5/3/18: Vista Outdoor Inc. announced its strategic business transformation plan, designed to allow the company to focus resources on pursuing growth in its core product categories. The plan is a result of a comprehensive strategic review, which began in November 2017. See more >
SFIA Member Spotlight - Locally
Posted 4/18/2018: Locally is an innovative company, adapting and responding to the changing consumer in a technology-based, instant world. Those of you who attended our Spring Semi-Annual Market in February might remember introducing Locally to our Members and vendor partners, and they seemed to have garnered much interest. SFIA published an article about Locally featuring commentary from Marc Strella, who may remember from the Market. See more >
Outdoor Retailer Adjusts OR + Snow Show Dates for January 2019-2022
Posted 4/12/2018: This morning, Outdoor Retailer and SIA announced new dates for the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show for 2019-2022. See more >
PRADCO Fishing Brands to be Served by Distributors
Posted 4/10/2018: PRADCO Fishing is implementing a new distribution strategy effective May 1, 2018. Beginning on this date, all independent dealers will be served by distributors, which includes all buying group dealers. See more >
YETI Ends Plans to Go Public
Posted 3/28/2018: After nearly two years of pushing to go public, Yeti Holdings Inc. has decided against it. A legal filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that CEO Matthew Reintjes made the decision as a result of “market conditions” and asked that materials provided to the government for the initial public offering (IPO) be returned to the company. See more >
Update: Remington Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Posted 3/26/2018: Remington is moving forward with their prepackaged restructuring plans through bankruptcy court. Records from the bankruptcy court of the district of Delaware show that the company filed for bankruptcy protection on March 25, 2018. Remington reached a deal with lenders in February to reduce its debt by about $700 million and add about $145 million in new capital, but that only bought time for it to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. See more >