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Avoid Industry Catastrophe: Know How Much To Buy And When
Posted 9/25/2017: This NSSF Blog article titled "Avoid Industry Catastrophe: Know How Much To Buy And When" by Robbie Brown talks about profit maximization and knowing when is the right time to buy. See more >
NBS Hosts Fall Athletic Business Development Meetings
Posted 9/22/2017: NBS recently concluded a productive two days of Team Athletics Business Development Meetings from September 18-19 at the NBS Office in Fort Worth, Texas. See more >
Guidance on Ammunition That Has Been Submerged In Water
Posted 9/13/2017: Torrential rains and storms surges that can result in flooding in areas of the United States bring about several interesting questions. Is it possible to salvage ammunition that has been exposed to water? Can ammunition that has been submerged in water for a period of time be salvaged? Should one set it out and attempt to dry it? What are the potential hazards? See more >
Inaugural Paddlesports Retailer Recap
Posted 9/7/2017: The first ever Paddlesports Retailer show was held in Madison, Wisconsin, from August 29 – September 1, 2017, and NBS Category Manager Tyler Bennett attended the show. See more >
Hurricane Harvey Relief Update on NBS Members
Posted 9/1/2017: Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, August 25, 2017, we have reached out to our NBS Members in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to get an update on the damages many of our Members are facing due to this unprecedented storm. See more >
ADA & NBS Partner to Co-Locate Fall Athletic Market
Posted 8/28/2017: ADA and NBS have partnered to co-locate their 2017 Fall Athletic Buying Sessions. The joint event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. See more >
NBS News

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