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Bryan Davis Announces Retirement from the United States Air Force After 31 Years of Service

This month, Bryan Davis, NBS Executive VP of Distribution & Operations, retired from the United States Air Force after 31 years of service. We at NBS want to thank Bryan for all his years of service protecting our nation and our freedoms. Below is a note Bryan put together thanking those who have supported him during his 31 years of service.

The hardest challenge for any Reservist is balancing their triad. A triad is the balance between their military commitment, family commitment, and civilian employer commitment. Without the support and understanding from all three, it would be impossible for the Reservist to serve. I have been blessed with the privilege to wear the cloth of the Nation for 31 years. I never would have been able to serve that long without the tremendous support of my wife and daughters and my employer – Nation's Best Sports.

I would like to thank my wife, Jennifer - Without her love and support I could not have served as long as I have. Whether I was a few miles away or half a world away, she was always there. It was her who kept the family together. Her strength and commitment allowed me to have an amazing Air Force career. Though myself and my brothers and sisters in arms made sacrifices to keep this country free, so did Jennifer. She was the one who was left behind and stood among the silent ranks known as the “Military Spouse”. I thank her for supporting me all these years and letting me be a part of something I love. I look forward to a long life together with no miles between us and enjoying our family. I wasn’t always around for everything my daughters, Haley and Audrey, had going on. I missed too many birthdays, holidays, and special occasions over the years. I truly thank them for their sacrifice and I’m so proud of what they have accomplished and the lives they lead. I look forward to having more time to spend with both of them.

To my co-workers and the NBS Membership - I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me over the years. Not just during my longer assignments but during the many times throughout the years when I would be called away for some training assignment, leadership conference, or other special tasking. Just like I had to miss events in my personal life because of my military commitment – I had to miss work events also over the years. NBS has always supported me during those times and I cannot express how appreciative I am of your unwavering support.

To those in the Sporting Goods Community - I would encourage you to support your co-workers or employees who serve in the Reserves balance their triad. Moreover; if you are blessed with a growing business and are looking to add awesome members to your team I would encourage you to look at hiring Reservists and Veterans. The skills they learn in the Military will be a great asset to your team.

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