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LCI Brands Announces Vice President's Retirement

Elk Grove Village, IL  

Outdoor and travel gear company LCI Brands has announced that Vice President - Outdoor Jerry Michelson will be retiring at the end of 2018.

Michelson has worked at LCI Brands for over 8 years and before that ran Cerf Brothers Bag Company with his family. He worked there for over 40 years and served as President for 20 of those years. The company was started in 1915 by his grandfather and it became known for its outdoor bags and tarps. During his time there, he learned the ins and outs of the outdoor industry. He used this knowledge when he eventually became Vice President - Outdoor at LCI Brands.

In his role at LCI Brands, he has been responsible for driving growth in the outdoor products category, developing relationships with buyers, managing key accounts, and attending trade shows. He has also contributed to many of the company’s product designs and helped create the overall outdoor program.

“We have been so fortunate to have Jerry work with LCI Brands for over 8 years,” said Ray Roos, Vice President of Sales at LCI Brands. “However, his unbelievable career spanning 5 decades is the most amazing part. The relationships he has with so many individuals are truly special and one of a kind.”

“I’m probably the most fortunate of all since I’ve had the pleasure to call Jerry a colleague and friend for over 8 years,” said Michael Smerling, President of LCI Brands.

For nearly five decades, he has been attending Nation’s Best Sports and has developed deep relationships with many of the trade show’s organizers. 

“Jerry Michelson -- a breath of fresh air and always optimistic, even in tough times.  He has been a huge supporter of NBS and our members, not just on a business level but on a personal level,” said Dave Stockmeyer, Senior Vice President, Merchandising / Marketing. “Jerry’s presence at our markets and in our businesses will be missed greatly, and I wish him nothing but success.”

Michelson will spend his last year continuing to contribute to the organization’s growth in the outdoor industry, managing key accounts, and attending trade shows like Nation’s Best Sports. 

Please help us wish him well in his retirement!


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