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Nation's Best Sports Member Service Award: Ken Vandervest

Congratulations to Ken Vandervest from D&R Sports on receiving the Nation's Best Sports Member Service Award!

At Nation’s Best Sports, we as merchants are in a very unique position, where we are not the vendor, and we are not the retailer. However, we are extensions of both. We are blessed to have a massive knowledge base held within our Membership, and our Board of Directors and Committee structures are critical to us accessing that knowledge.

We have decided to reward some of these warriors who go above and beyond the call of duty to help out our fellow Members through their service to NBS. This year, Ken Vandervest was a near unanimous selection among our merchant and management team for his unwavering dedication to Nation’s Best Sports in a variety of categories.

Ken works for one of our stronger member retailers in Michigan and has worked across numerous categories and committees over the last 20 years. He has worked with our Archery, Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting categories but has expertise in several other areas as well. He has moved across categories at our request several times, giving us the enviable position of having a player who can play all the positions.

Ken is strongly supported by upper management in his store. In discussions with management at his location, the tradeoffs between losing our award winner in his store for 7-8 days and numerous conference calls a year are tough to overcome. But the programs, deals, and relationships built make every minute worthwhile.

Our committee members are the lifeblood of our merchandising operation, and Ken Vandervest is one of the best, in addition to being a fun, caring and interesting person to be around. Congratulations again to Ken Vandervest on receiving this year's Nation's Best Sports Service Award for his exemplary teamwork and going above and beyond in all he does.