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NBS 2017 Winter Specialty Market Recap

NBS just concluded a successful Winter Specialty Market held the week of January 17 in Fort Worth, TX. We had a very strong turn out from both our retailers and supplier partners with 69 Members (190 buyers) and 94 Vendors in attendance. The last two seasons in the winter sports industry have been challenging due to the lack of cold weather and snow in various parts of the country but Mother Nature has come through with snow and cold weather throughout the majority of the country with pre-season sales already going strong for 2017.

On the evening before the show floor opened, the traditionally hectic Hot Show event took place and did not disappoint. The event was a high energy, packed house for 90 minutes as Members and Vendors couldn’t even walk through the aisles without elbowing a fellow colleague. The amount of energy and excitement in the room simulated the great deals that were offered during that short time frame.

This was the first Winter Specialty Market using the Handshake order writing solution and it was well received by both Members and Vendors. Many participants were thrilled by the ease of writing orders in a timely fashion while learning how to use a new order writing system simultaneously. In addition, a lot of positive feedback stemmed from the attentiveness of the NBS IT department and how their exceptional IT support on the show floor is almost unheard of in this industry.

Overall, it was another great Winter Market! It’s amazing how a little snow and cold can change the mood of an entire industry and we are confident that the 2017 season is going to be a great one for the winter sports industry!




To view more photos from the show, visit the NBS Facebook page by clicking here.