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NBS Attends Outdoor Industry Association Rendezvous

Recently, a representative from the NBS merchandising team attended the OIA Rendezvous conference in Denver, Colorado to look at the business of being in the outdoor industry.

The key topics of the conference were:

Other topics included:

One feature of every Rendezvous is a public service event to benefit the residents of the host city. This year, attendees graded, moved rock, shoveled dirt, and leveled three miles of trails in Golden’s Table Rock Park. Imagine 200 people descending on your yard to all pitch in! This annual event has cleaned rivers in San Diego, California, and Asheville, North Carolina; re-worked trails in Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and now Golden, Colorado, and removed vegetation from waterways in Boston, Massachusetts, and Asheville, North Carolina, during previous NBS visits.