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NBS Hosts Firearms & Ammunition Business Development Meetings

With meetings being held during the week of a presidential election this year, many vendors were hesitant to release pricing and programs for our upcoming Spring Semi-Annual Market. While there was a change in the atmosphere towards the end of the week after the election results were announced, this still made progress in our meetings slow as vendors were continuing to work on their pricing and specials for 2017. After all the meetings concluded, the consensus from the Committee Members that participated in our meetings was that pricing would improve for our Members and strong specials will be available in 2017. Despite this positivity, it is evident that there is going to be a lot of follow up work with NBS and participating vendors to get us “show ready.” As we near show season, we caution Members not to bite too hard on some offers from wholesalers as they have started to unload product that they heavily purchased in preparation for a democratic president. Be smart with your inventory levels and expect some strong product offers from our participating vendors at our Spring Market. We are getting more and more deals each day and it should be an exciting market for all of our Members.

An encouraging note from our meetings is that holsters seem to be getting really aggressive this year which will help a strong handgun market. With program improvements from Crossbreed and Blade-Tech and keeping an improved discount that NBS worked with Safariland last year, Members should see a strong offer from several holster companies for 2017. In optics, Vortex and Leupold continued to show great support of NBS Members with strong offers in new products and SMUs that could lead to an impressive Hot Show event in the optics category. Carl Zeiss, will take a price decrease this year across most of its in-line items and has offered NBS a strong special on a pair of their Conquest staple items. Across the board, there were great program improvements with discounts or terms and a strong focus on getting more vendors to offer rebates or co-op opportunities for NBS Members. Look for rebate offers from Bulldog, Do-All and Nikon to name a few with more in the works with Vista and Safariland.

There are some firearm and ammunition companies who are really stepping up in 2017. First, ALL freight will now be pre-paid from American Tactical on show orders. This vendor used to have a $3,000 minimum purchase to receive pre-paid freight! In addition, there will be some very aggressive specials on 6.5 Creedmoor caliber rifles from companies like Legacy, Savage and Christensen Arms.

Traditional .30 caliber hunting ammunition will be promoted at the Spring Market like never before! If you are looking for premium quality ammunition from companies like Norma, or for down and dirty pricing like you have never seen before in the industry, we will have it! You also see program improvements from companies like Beretta, FNH and others. Also, for all dealers with an SOT, you are covered! We will have wonderful deals on suppressors, threaded barrel firearms and sub sonic ammunition.

Of course, everything is subject to change, but as of now, there are many reasons to be encouraged that the upcoming Spring Semi-Annual Market is going to be a successful one!

Firearms & Ammunition Committee: Chris Shadowens (NBS), Joe Blanco, Jim Crosby, Steven Baker (NBS), Mike Ettienne, Matthew Hitchcock, and Jay Wallace (not pictured).