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NBS Hosts Hunting Apparel/Footwear Business Development Meetings

NBS concluded another successful round of Business Development Meetings for the Hunting Apparel & Footwear categories at the end of October. We would like to send a huge thank you to the Committee this year. We had two new voices join us for this set of meetings and one returning Committee Member. Thank you to Robin Simmons with Simons Sporting Goods, Nick Shajwani with Molly’s Place, and DP Payton with Teskey’s. All of your time, knowledge and professionalism means more than you all can know. 


Coming off of what has been described as the “worst retail season for Hunting Apparel and Footwear in 20 years,” I can safely say the theme for this round of Business Development Meetings was “Optimistic.”

Some of the northern states have started to see cooler temperatures, which seems to have helped kick off their selling seasons. While our southern states are still unseasonably warm, southerners have not yet seen consumers looking for insulated goods. We are again “optimistic” the farmer’s almanac rings true this year for a cold, wet winter.

Many of our key vendors came prepared and eager to grow their business this year with NBS. Most offered significant incentive to gather our orders ahead of their factory deadlines come end of December. Our NBS Hunting & Rugged Apparel Market will have some very strong programs and specials this year based on their ability to properly forecast for our needs. I cannot stress enough the importance of writing this business in front of these factory deadlines. Order fulfillment is the key driver here. By booking this business in the timeframe needed by our manufacturers, you can truly count on receiving the goods you booked. This rang true with each and every Manufacturer we met with.

Some of the highlights from this week are listed below. More details will follow, but we were excited by the outcomes of these meetings. This is just a short list of the offers to expect with many more in the works as well.

Thank you to everyone who helped make these meetings a success. We look forward to the upcoming Markets and are all “Optimistic” that the cold weather and sales will come.