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NBS Insider: September 1, 2020
Posted 9/1/2020: NBS Insider: Crown Enterprises OR Magazine Feature, Al's Opens 3rd Location, First-Time Firearm Buyers Approaches 5 Million, & More! || Crown Enterprises Featured in Article Titled 'The Right Thing to Do" in Outdoor Retailer Summer 2020 Magazine - Want to know what it takes to not only survive, but thrive in today’s COVID-19-crushed retail world? Take a lesson from Joe Power, president of employee-owned Crown Enterprises, which operates five outdoor retail store across Montana, Idaho and Washington. Crown Enterprises found a simple way to thrive during the pandemic. The shop puts employees, community and customers first. See more >
NBS Insider: August 24, 2020
Posted 8/24/2020: NBS Insider: NBS Virtually Live!, Two New Members, NSSF Celebrates 2nd Amendment Victory, Outdoor Recreation Discussions, & More! || NBS Completes First Ever NBS Virtually Live! Market Event - From August 18-20, 2020, NBS hosted our first ever NBS Virtually Live! Market Event to replace our cancelled 2020 Fall Semi-Annual Market originally scheduled to take place this month. The interactive live portion of the event concluded last week, but our NBS Virtually Live! Platform will remain open until September 8 for our Members to access Programs and other Vendor documents. We want to thank all of our Members and Vendor Partners who participated in this new Market event format! We hope to see everyone back in Fort Worth in February for our 2021 Spring Semi-Annual Market! See more >
NBS Insider: August 4, 2020
Posted 8/4/2020: NBS Insider: National Shooting Sports Month, Trump Signs Great American Outdoors Act, Firearm Checks Surge, & More! || Presidential Message on National Shooting Sports Month 2020 - "During National Shooting Sports Month, we commemorate our Constitutional right to bear arms by celebrating America’s cherished past time of recreational and competitive shooting sports. Our great Nation has a rich history of fostering responsible gun ownership." See more >
NBS Insider: July 21, 2020
Posted 7/21/2020: NBS Insider: Industry Shows, GAOA Vote, State of Retail, Firearm Vote, Gun Sales, & More! || ICAST 2020 Online Virtual Trade Show Highlights Sportfishing Industry's Resiliency - Buyers, media, exhibitors and other representatives from the global sportfishing industry brought ICAST 2020 Online to life from July 13-17, during recreational fishing’s first-ever virtual trade show. For the first time, with the online venue, the angling public also had the opportunity to participate in the trade show. See more >
NBS Insider: July 8, 2020
Posted 7/8/2020: NBS Insider: Firearm Background Checks, Walmart+ Launch, Amazon Combats Counterfeits, NSSF Social Media Webinar, & More! || Background Checks for Firearm Sales Hit All-Time High - Historic numbers of background checks to purchase or possess a firearm were done in June, a trend in a year marked by uncertainty. FBI numbers released on July 1 show that 3.9 million background checks were conducted last month, the most since the system was created in November 1998 to ensure felons and other prohibited people could not buy or possess a firearm. Each week in June is now in the top 10 weeks for background checks. See more >
NBS Insider: June 23, 2020
Posted 6/23/2020: NBS Insider: Fall Market, Great American Outdoors Act, Outdoor Retailer Online, Nordica VP Retires, Athletic Events Resume, & More! || Don't Forget to Register for the NBS 2020 Fall Semi-Annual Market - If you haven't done so already, register now for the NBS 2020 Fall Semi-Annual Market from August 21-23, 2020, being held at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas! Please visit the NBS website to login to your account to register and access all Market information. We are excited to see all of you in less than two months! See more >
NBS Insider: June 9, 2020
Posted 6/09/2020: NBS Insider: 2020 Fall Market Registration, NBS Thanks NSSF Video, Fontana Sports Devastated by Rioting, Scott's Outdoor Sports Highlighted, & More! || Registration Now Open for the NBS 2020 Fall Semi-Annual Market - We are excited to announce our plans to go forward with our NBS 2020 Fall Semi-Annual Market from August 21-23, 2020, at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas! Registration is now open on the NBS website where you can login to your account to register and access all Market information. We are excited to see all of you in a few months! See more >
NBS Insider: May 26, 2020
Posted 5/26/2020: NBS Insider: New Form 4473, Fitness Industry Soars, Hunting Fever, Cancelled Events, Marketing Tips, & More! || ATF Announces Release of New Form 4473 - NSSF is pleased to announce that ATF is set to release its newest version of the Form 4473. The Form 4473 is used by all Federal Firearm License (FFL) holders to record pertinent information from persons seeking to purchase a firearm or firearms prior to the FFL performing a background check via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) or state-approved point-of-contact law enforcement agency. See more >
NBS Insider: May 12, 2020
Posted 5/12/2020: NBS Insider: Sporting Goods Sales Surge, Firearm Background Checks, Shopping Trends, Google vs. Amazon, Facebook Milestone, & More! || How COVID-19 is Impacting the Outdoor Recreation Industry - The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) surveyed its member trade associations representing over 100,000 businesses from the RV, camp, boat, hunt & fish, and bike categories about the impact each organization and member companies have experienced during the pandemic. See more >
NBS Insider: April 28, 2020
Posted 4/28/2020: NBS Insider: Economic Relief Bill, March Retail Sales, ICAST 2020 Cancelled, Firearm Sale Trends, Vendor News, & More || President Trump Signs $484 Billion Economic Relief Bill - Last week, President Trump signed a $484 billion Coronavirus economic relief package to aid small businesses, hospitals, and more during this crisis. As part of the measure, $370 billion will be used to aid small businesses with payroll amid temporary closures to reduce the spread of the virus. With the $370 billion, $310 billion will be allocated to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) providing small business loans to potentially be forgiven, while $60 billion will be allocated to the Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster assistance loans and grants. See more >