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Marketing Traige: Why Brands Need to Categorize Consumers into Three Groups
Posted 1/8/18: Marketers must identify who falls into each category for their particular brands. But there are some broad rules. The heaviest buyers tend to be in the first group. Their attitudes towards the brand are primarily driven by their product experience. See more >
How to Fire Up Sales with the Power of Impulse Merchandising
Posted 1/2/2018: There are many factors that influence consumers to purchase: need, price, pride of ownership or love of the sport can all motivate. But all these reasons pale in comparison when compared to the power of impulse merchandising. See more >
Taurus USA Names Director of Sales
Posted 12/28/2017: Shari-Lynn Fix has been appointed the new director of sales for Taurus USA, which encompasses the popular Taurus, Rossi, and Heritage Manufacturing firearms lines. See more >
Happy Holidays from your NBS Family!
Posted 12/24/2017: Happy Holidays from your NBS Family! See more >
WATCH: A Happy Holidays & Happy New Year Video Message from the NBS Staff!
Posted 12/21/2017: Click here to watch a special holiday message from your NBS Staff! See more >
Canfield's Sporting Goods to Close at the End of 2017
Posted 12/15/2017: Canfield's Sporting Goods of Omaha, Nebraska, is closing its doors after 71 years in business at the end of 2017. See more >
NBS News

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