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NBS doesn’t get into to your business; they help you run your business better than you have been in the past.

Deek Heykamp - Next Adventure – Portland, OR

Our NBS membership is invaluable. You can’t get this kind of information from anyone else.

Kevin Kelly – Kevin’s Guns & Sporting Goods – Tallahassee, FL

A big advantage of being a member of NBS is we get to talk to other members from all over the country and find out what works and what doesn’t for them, so we get ahead of the game through knowledge.

Mike Gwiazdon – Crown Enterprises – Kalispell, MT

We could not survive as an individual business today if we were not a member of NBS.

Henry Kanner – Natick Outdoor Store – Natick, MA

NBS has improved our business greatly and has allowed us to stay in business.

Todd Vance – Vance Outdoors – Columbus, OH

I make important decisions for my business every day, but the best decision I’ve ever made for my bottom line was joining Nation’s Best Sports.

Danny Gregory – Mesquite Sports Center – Mesquite, TX

About Nation's Best Sports

Nation’s Best Sports has been in business since 1956, when Claude Manning and three friends—Joe Lipsey, E.J. “Buck” Buchanan and Paul Self, all of whom owned war-surplus stores—decided to pool their purchases and create the first sporting goods buying group, the Southwest Buying Syndicate. During the first decade, they persuaded others in the war-surplus business to join, and through the years, the Southwest Buying Syndicate grew through word of mouth, spread by both vendors and Members. After changing its name in 1995 to Nation’s Best Sports, NBS has continued its expansion, helping both Members and vendors grow and become profitable. In addition to buying programs, NBS offers preferential service programs such as shipping discounts, shopping bags, insurance, point of sale systems, and marketing programs.

Today, NBS is comprised of over 350 independent retail members representing over 1,200 store fronts across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. NBS offers independent retailers a diverse portfolio of buying opportunities in all categories of outdoor sports and general sporting goods. NBS Markets differ from industry trade shows in that they are actual buying markets only open to Member retail store owners, their buyers and approved vendors. NBS hosts six different buying Markets per year. 

Member Benefits

Of course, all of this is aimed at one common goal: Bottom line performance and business enhancement for our members!

Buying Markets: Nation’s Best Sports hosts six buying Markets throughout the year featuring various categories, optimized for the proper buying cycle. These Markets offer Members an opportunity to network with Vendors in the industry, take advantage of significant savings on our Show Specials and Hot Show offerings, and obtain valuable information about goods and changes in the industry. Many of our advantageous buying programs are only available at our Markets. 

As our membership and as consumer buying trends have changed over the years, these Markets have evolved to meet the changing and growing needs of our Members. Attending these Markets helps Members stay on the cutting edge of the industry, and ensure they’re offering their customers the best in sporting goods. NBS is diverse in that we handle most all major categories of Sporting Goods. Here is a list of what you can expect to have access to:

  • Ski & Snowboard Equipment and Apparel featuring the major industry brands
  • All aspects of Hunting, Shooting, and Tactical equipment, apparel and accessories 
  • Camping, Paddlesports, Watersports, Outdoor Equipment and accessories
  • Fishing
  • Team and Retail Athletics

NBS strives to ensure our Members have the necessary tools to be successful. In other words, we not only help you buy better, but sell better as well! NBS can assist you with the following:

  • E-commerce sites
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Magazine quality circulars covering all of our major categories
  • NBS Outdoors Magazine
  • Team Catalog & Supplements

NBS offers savings on the services you use every day! We have discounted programs with many Vendors, and can save you money on:

  • Freight and Shipping 
  • Insurance 
  • FFL Litigation assistance
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • POS Software Management Systems
  • Digital & Retail Commerce Solutions
  • Consumer Based Extended Financing Options
  • Co-Op Advertising Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Office Supplies
  • Retail Bags & Shopping Carts
  • Payroll Services
  • HR Screening Programs

NBS Risk Free Offer—We are so confident that you will find NBS such an enhancement to your business that we are willing to make the following No Risk Offer:

  • Complete the process for NBS membership and meet all requirements.
  • Attend the NBS Market appropriate for your category of business to see firsthand the benefits that NBS can offer. If you don’t agree that NBS can save your company significantly more than the cost of membership, then you resign and we part as friends. You are out nothing except a few days of your time and your travel and hotel costs to attend the NBS market. This offer has been in place for over 15 years, and to date we have not had a single prospect opt out of membership.
  • For more membership information please contact Stuart Snow, Director of Member Recruiting & Member Services by phone at 800-379-0155 ext. 252 or by email at ssnow@nbs.com.

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Member News

Keith Dustrud of Bob Ward & Sons Receives NBS Committee Member Service Award
Posted 2/18/2018: Keith Dustrud of Bob Ward & Sons was presented with the NBS Committee Member Service Award for all of his efforts for over 15 years serving the NBS Membership. See more >
Ken Meehan, President of Dunham's Sports, Receives NBS Lifetime Achievement Award
Posted 2/16/2018: During the 2018 NBS Spring Semi-Annual Market, NBS presented Ken Meehan, President of Dunham's Sports, with the NBS Lifetime Achievement Award. See more >
Erie Sport Store Celebrates 67th Anniversary!
Posted 2/6/2018: Congratulations to NBS Member, Erie Sport Store, in Erie, Pennsylvania, on celebrating their 67th business anniversary! See more >
Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show Draws 29,000 Attendees
Posted 2/5/2018: The Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, which debuted for the first time this year in its new home in Denver, drew over 29,000 total attendees, with more than 7,500 verified retail buyers from 60 countries joined with over 1,000 brands for four days. See more >
Welcome Larry's Pistol & Pawn to the NBS Family!
Posted 1/29/2018: NBS is excited to welcome Larry's Pistol & Pawn from Huntsville, Alabama, to the NBS Family! See more >
NBS & ADA Partner to Co-Locate Summer Athletic Market
Posted 1/25/2018: NBS & ADA will again partner to co-locate their 2018 Summer Athletic Buying Sessions. This joint event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, from July 13-15, 2018. See more >
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