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Information for Vendors

NBS is proud to have maintained solid relationships with our Vendors over the past 60 years, and views them as a critical component to our success. Our Vendors are not required to join in the same way our Members do, but instead submit programs that are reviewed by the NBS Staff and Committees for presentation to the Membership.

Vendor Benefits

  • NBS Markets are actual purchasing markets, not just trade shows.
  • NBS Vendors have an opportunity to network directly with retailers who attend to purchase products and services based on pre-negotiated and approved programs.
  • Our Membership is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who have been in business for years and understand market trends. NBS Members are pre-screened, pre-qualified, and financially-sound large volume dealers.
  • NBS Markets allow potential customers to come to you in one central location.
  • NBS will work with you to customize a program that will maximize your sales experience.
  • NBS Members are provided with your program offering weeks in advance of the markets and come prepared to write orders.
  • As a new NBS Vendor, you will present your products to our NBS Members in an exclusive presentation format, maximizing your market experience. Known as the Hot Show Buying Session or New Vendor Review, these presentations are the highlight of the NBS Market for many Members and Vendors alike.
The purpose of NBS Markets is clearly defined: To bring together our Members and Vendors, like you, to conduct business. You will be presenting your product and services to NBS Members who represent billions of dollars in combined retail sales! 

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Vendor News

NBS Hosts Fall Athletic Business Development Meetings
Posted 9/22/2017: NBS recently concluded a productive two days of Team Athletics Business Development Meetings from September 18-19 at the NBS Office in Fort Worth, Texas. See more >
ADA & NBS Partner to Co-Locate Fall Athletic Market
Posted 8/28/2017: ADA and NBS have partnered to co-locate their 2017 Fall Athletic Buying Sessions. The joint event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. See more >
Schmidt & Bender Announcement
Posted 8/14/2017: Schmidt & Bender continues to focus on the U.S. market and with this, we are expanding our team and our services within the next couple of months. With you in mind, changes within the organization are taking place immediately to make this transition as efficient as possible. See more >
ICAST 2017 Recap
Posted 7/27/2017: ICAST 2017 was held in Orlando the week of July 10, 2017, where Senior Category Manager Marty Plazo and Category Manager Tyler Bennett attended the event. See more >
NBS Hosts 2017 Firearms & Ammunition Business Development Meetings
Posted 7/10/2017: During the week of June 19, 2017, NBS conducted our Firearms & Ammunition Business Development Meetings in preparation for the upcoming Fall Semi-Annual Market. See more >
NBS Hosts 2017 Shooting Accessories Business Development Meetings
Posted 7/10/2017: During the week of June 19, NBS hosted the Shooting Accessories Business Development Meetings to prepare for the upcoming Fall Semi-Annual Market. See more >
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